Consciousness’ Time

The idea of a conscious experience, and therefore, your own individual conscious experience from within, has been something I have questioned the nature of since the first steps of early adult life. The nature of consciousness is truly a meaningful, deep, and, so it seems, an unanswerable question presently in time. What brings consciousness to... Continue Reading →

Cryptocurrency and the Freedom it Doesn’t Solve

Cryptocurrency – it’s been a hot topic as the valuations of these digital assets have significantly grown (and fallen) since the course of the Bitcoin inception. Even after significant price decreases, something like Bitcoin has still given individuals out there substantially high returns. There have been bubbles that have burst and perhaps left many average... Continue Reading →

An Agnostic Life

I felt like exploring some thought on living an agnostic life for this piece I am putting together today and where it can lead. To begin, if you are unfamiliar with what being an agnostic is, from a religious sense it is one who believes that the existence of God cannot be known.  You are not... Continue Reading →

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