Relativity of Money – First Thoughts

As we go about our financial lives, earning paychecks and spending our income, I think many of us neglect to consider the idea of a broad money supply, whether that be an important fact to consider or not, when we think about our finances. There is in fact, at any given day in time, a... Continue Reading →

A Purpose Through Capitalism

Capitalism - its the systematic baseline of the economic system we live and work in here in the U.S., and has been since the creation of our nation. Capitalism has brought forth many different outcomes to individuals, businesses, and the sociological functioning of society that range from wealth, technological advancements, poverty, motivation, and the state... Continue Reading →


Data in the digital format has evolved to be an extremely valuable and important aspect of society. Something I have not crossed paths with is the idea of the economics of data and what that could potentially look like in the future. How could our data transform into a form of currency? That’s where I... Continue Reading →

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