An Agnostic Life

I felt like exploring some thought on living an agnostic life for this piece I am putting together today and where it can lead. To begin, if you are unfamiliar with what being an agnostic is, from a religious sense it is one who believes that the existence of God cannot be known.  You are not in a belief that God does or does not exist as an agnostic. 

For starters, being an agnostic person might fall into the realm of one who is deeply rooted in logic and philosophical debate with the self. Can you really know for fact and certainty that God does exist, and the religions that stem from these beliefs area in a sense grounded in the way reality has been shaped and formed? Presenting a religious belief to the self in a scientific form may lead one to settle in an agnostic viewpoint.  Maybe that’s how you, an agnostic person, got there. Or maybe that’s what you, a religious person, see as the only other option, away from another religious perspective or the thought of atheism. 

Where can the debate of God and landing on the never-ending question of it lead you? You may find yourself contemplating before and after life, unsure of the fact if you’ll be granted an experience through the means of heaven or any type of place after death. What would then make death a satisfying moment, with the unknown after the end and having lived through the arguably miracle that is one’s own existence in the span of time? The answer that you may stumble upon may be of extreme simplicity. 

Wrap your answer to your question back to the present and begin to think in lifespans. The simplicity of your answer may evolve to greater betterment in your motivation of living to tackle your existence to the fullest. Maybe you want to make your family better, or your community better, or even your country better than how you found it. 

Through your own debate of whether the existence of God is true or not, you may find yourself looking at the self. Consider your placement in time, and question how that could have came to be. There seems to be a separation of internal and external – your experience of living internally to the relation of all other existence externally. Can this internal experience be happening simultaneously through all living beings? Is the internal experience infinite through the universe, or finite? If it is finite, what defines the limit of existence? If is infinite, where does it go?  Is there a greater experience happening with the self in the present than the experience of others?  

To find free will through these means may be the ultimate experience. From introspection to observation to action, one can take control of themselves. Grounded in your own logic and moral compass, the question of God can pass to find the importance of the self to you and you alone. Then one can approach the external reality we find ourselves in. The evolution intro free will can find you purpose and relief into the comfort of living with the unknown of the universe and the minimalistic probability of one’s own existence. 

Following through means of living that have been created by others may limit your own self and the ability become the best self. A religious perspective may, in this view presented here, hold the self back and limit the way you can ultimately view reality. Religion has been created, at least it seems, by other humans. New ideas can mount into the world, which is why keeping an open mind can benefit oneself. We can hope that peak civilization is yet to come. 

Perhaps an agnostic approach to God and the universe can lead us to our own internal higher power, giving us the opportunity to tackle and control our own existence to the absolute fullest. Considering the bigger questions to our life may lead us to find our own solutions for ourselves. Then, maybe, you can create the positive change that becomes your own destiny. 


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