An Agnostic Life

I felt like exploring some thought on living an agnostic life for this piece I am putting together today and where it can lead. To begin, if you are unfamiliar with what being an agnostic is, from a religious sense it is one who believes that the existence of God cannot be known.  You are not... Continue Reading →

More Things We Should Be Learning

There is so much knowledge, insight, and ideas to learn from in our world that it can be a bit overwhelming to think about trying to build a perspective on everything if you tried in a lifetime. What kind of ideas are not as common for the average person to be learning about, but might... Continue Reading →

Behavior and Inflation

Inflation during June of 2022 came in at 9.1% over the previous 12 month period. The Federal Reserve branch of New York put out a survey to consumers and concluded that their attitudes towards inflation is that it will decrease over the next one, two and three years, down to about 6.2%, 3.2%, and 2.3%,... Continue Reading →

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