Differences in Influence between China and the U.S.: A View

The continued growth in advancement of China has been happening for decades, and while this growth occurs, it is asserted by some that the U.S. is in decline. These two global powers have dramatic effect input into the outcome of what is happening in the world in the present. What has allowed China to grow... Continue Reading →

Consciousness’ Time

The idea of a conscious experience, and therefore, your own individual conscious experience from within, has been something I have questioned the nature of since the first steps of early adult life. The nature of consciousness is truly a meaningful, deep, and, so it seems, an unanswerable question presently in time. What brings consciousness to... Continue Reading →

The Internet Blanket of ChatGPT

I have not yet set myself to encounter or experiment with ChatGPT, the chat bot built on top of the GPT-3 natural language processing A.I. model that is quickly taking the world by storm. I don’t know how I feel about supporting the growth of an artificial intelligence platform through my own usage of it... Continue Reading →

Cryptocurrency and the Freedom it Doesn’t Solve

Cryptocurrency – it’s been a hot topic as the valuations of these digital assets have significantly grown (and fallen) since the course of the Bitcoin inception. Even after significant price decreases, something like Bitcoin has still given individuals out there substantially high returns. There have been bubbles that have burst and perhaps left many average... Continue Reading →

A Purpose Through Capitalism

Capitalism - its the systematic baseline of the economic system we live and work in here in the U.S., and has been since the creation of our nation. Capitalism has brought forth many different outcomes to individuals, businesses, and the sociological functioning of society that range from wealth, technological advancements, poverty, motivation, and the state... Continue Reading →


Data in the digital format has evolved to be an extremely valuable and important aspect of society. Something I have not crossed paths with is the idea of the economics of data and what that could potentially look like in the future. How could our data transform into a form of currency? That’s where I... Continue Reading →

An Agnostic Life

I felt like exploring some thought on living an agnostic life for this piece I am putting together today and where it can lead. To begin, if you are unfamiliar with what being an agnostic is, from a religious sense it is one who believes that the existence of God cannot be known.  You are not... Continue Reading →

More Things We Should Be Learning

There is so much knowledge, insight, and ideas to learn from in our world that it can be a bit overwhelming to think about trying to build a perspective on everything if you tried in a lifetime. What kind of ideas are not as common for the average person to be learning about, but might... Continue Reading →

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